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Our Background

5) Is your law firm a registered company?

We have been a registered limited company since 2000. For client protection, we have a Thai bank account registered in our company name rather than an anonymous internet bank account. Since our inception, we have expanded our premises and staff number to cater to our growing clientele.

6) Is legal counseling your primary business?

Unlike many legal “consultants” or “advisors” in Thailand who handle legal cases as part of their secondary business, our core business is legal services and nothing else. Further our lawyers are the recognized leading experts in a variety of areas, such as labor, law, land law internet canal procedure and USA immigration, law.

7) Why should I hire your law firm?

We have experienced Thai attorneys who have handled the full spectrum of legal cases in Thailand for more than 20 years and who are specialized in Thailand cases involving non-Thai nationals. Our law firm is managed by an American attorney who is fluent in Thai and is involved in the cases in every step of the way.

8) How do you bill for your services?

Our services are generally billed on a “fixed fee estimate”. The fixed fee is based on our hourly rate and an estimate of how many hours the case will take. We know this is important for our clients for their financial budgeting. Once you have decided to take up our services, we would usually offset the fees of the first consultation from the total estimated amount for the case.

9) How different is your law firm from other law firms in Thailand?

Besides being a full-service law firm, we provide realistic legal counseling based on the facts and evidence of the case. We DO NOT make frivolous promises to our clients that all cases could be won and success guaranteed, but we DO promise to put our clients’ interests first and do our best to get the desired results for our clients. In Thailand, it is common to have tough cases involving constant negotiations in and out of the courtroom; our lawyers are equipped with accomplished trial skills necessary for fighting such tough cases. Our clients can be assured of legal guidance from start to finish, and we believe in presenting clearly all the services rendered throughout the case to our clients.