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Lawyers and Staff

Joe Leeds - Partner
Joe is a Thai-American lawyer, licensed in the United States since 1987. Joe specializes in criminal and civil litigation. Joe previously worked as a trial and appeals attorney in the United States and has litigated thousands of court cases. Joe was the attorney of record, for several Supreme Court decisions that set new precedents. Joe was recruited to work in Thailand during the Asian Financial Crisis and assisted with the negotiation and drafting of financial rehabilitation plans between Thai public companies and major international banks. Joe has advised on multiple prominent international criminal cases involving transnational law, extradition, and Interpol cases. Joe has published scholarly articles in international law in journals and taught international law at the Chulalongkorn Law School Master’s Program. Joe holds a B.A. from the University of Texas (1983) and a JD from the University of Houston (1986.) Joe is fluent in the Thai language.
Languages: English (native), Thai (fluent), and Spanish (conversational).
Attorney Thongphong graduated from Ramkhamhaeng University with a degree in law and has been practicing law since 2008. She specializes in family law, divorce and custody law, criminal law, inheritance, and personal injury cases along with other areas of civil and criminal litigation. Attorney Thongphong is fluent in English and has handled hundreds of trans-national Legal disputes. Attorney Thongphong has vast experience in the Hague Treaty legal issues. Attorney Thongphong has achieved a special license to defend juvenile criminal cases before the Thailand Family Court license.She is a licensed notary and advocate at the Thailand Supreme Court.
Languages: Thai and English.
Chaninat Leeds is an Associate Professor of Law (Ret.) at Sukhothai Thammathirat University Law Faculty. Her fields of specialization include Employment Law, Family Law, Civil and Criminal procedure. Professor Leeds has authored numerous texts and academic articles on Thailand's Employment Law and Family Law. Professor Leeds has acted as a consultant for the Thailand government and numerous private companies regarding employment policies, employment disputed and drafting employment contracts. Professor Leeds is a licensed Patent Agent and works as a consultant for the firm.
Languages: Thai and English.



Attorney Khanyanathom graduated Law from Ramkhamhaeng University and has been a criminal defense attorney since 1979.

Attorney Khanyanathom is our senior criminal defense. Attorney Khanyanathom has handled multiple prominent and high-profile criminal cases including defending political corruption cases, narcotics financial fraud, and other criminal defense areas.
Languages: Thai and English.


Attorney Weerasawadi graduated from Thammasat University with a Law Degree and has been practicing law since 2002. Attorney Weerasawadi specializes in litigation and trial law. Attorney Weerasawadi also has expertise is in Family Law, Inheritance Law, and Real Estate law.

Weerasawadi is a qualified Thai barrister and a licensed Thai Juvenile and Family Court advance.
Languages: Thai and English.


Attorney Chantararangsi graduated from Thammasat University and has been practicing law since 2000 specializing in litigation.

He is an expert in litigation regarding divorce, family law, and breach of contract. Lawyer Thakoon is also a qualified Thai barrister and a licensed Thai Juvenile and Family Court attorney.
Languages: Thai and English.

SUTHIDA THONGKWAN - Associate Attorney

Attorney Thongkwan graduated from Naresuan University with a Law Degree and has been practicing law since 2016. Her expertise is in Family Law, Appellate Law, Probate law, Company and Corporate law, and also handling Thai Work Permits and Visas.
Languages: Thai and English.


JIRAPIYA MANOROT - Attorney Assistant
Jirapinya graduated from Naresuan University with a Law Degree in 2021 and passed the Thailand Bar Exam in 2023. Jirapinya graduated American University Alumni Center in Bangkok, Thailand with a certificate in English conversation. She currently is an assistant lawyer specializing in trademarks a, US Immigration law and family law.
Languages: Thai and English.
Expertise: Mr. Na Chiang Mai has been practicing law since 1981, specializing in Thailand and International Law. Expert in Litigation regarding International Trade, Wills and probates, Divorce, and other complex Civil and Criminal litigation. Chatchai is a licensed Thai attorney and litigator since receiving an LLB from Thammasat University in 1976. He has successfully tried thousands of cases in the Thai courts as well as the court of international trade and intellectual property. Chatchai specializes in personal injury, civil litigation, criminal and administrative law.
Languages: Fluent in English and Thai

SOONTREE BOONSRI - Finance and Accounting

Ms.Boonsri graduated from Bangkok University with a Bachelor of Accounting. She works for Chaninat and Leeds as the finance and accounting supervisor. Her expertise is in Thailand taxation, social security, and withholding tax.
Languages: Thai and English.

TAWAN SOMBOONSUK - Conflict Resolution Officer

Mr. Somboonsuk has been employed in as a Conflict Resolution Officer and special affairs coordinator in legal and enforcement matters since 2005. He holds Class “K” firearms license and SWAT training certificate. He is a Muay Thai boxing champion and a black belt in Jiu Jitsu. Mr. Somboonsuk specializes in investigation and enforcement matters and conflict resolution.
Languages: Thai and English.

CHUTIMA TANTISUWANNA - Web Master and Forensic Computer Expert

Chutima is an IT specialist and network administrator. Chutima has experience as a website administrator and IT specialist and also has numerous years of experience in website design and related design software programs.
Languages: Thai and English.