Thailand Fraud Law


In Thailand, fraud may be prosecuted as either a criminal action or a civil action, or both. Criminal complaints in Thailand, as in most other nations, require a higher standard of proof then civil cases. Fraud, as a general term, may include several separate specific offenses under Thailand's criminal law system. These offenses include financial fraud, misappropriation of funds and document fraud. Frequently, offenses may meet the definition of "fraud" under the Thai Penal Code but also prohibited under separate laws such as computer crime laws.

Our Experience

Chaninat and Leeds' attorneys have successfully assisted clients in civil and criminal fraud cases including company financial fraud, land fraud, fraud by deception, document fraud, and electronic and computer fraud.

Chaninat and Leeds' attorneys have multiple decades of trail and litigation experience prosecuting and defending fraud cases for our clients. Fraud litigation is one of our firm's primary areas of specialization. This is due to our trial attorneys' skill in planning and executing legal strategies, and is supported by the unique abilities of our investigation team.

In other words, while many attorneys resign themselves to fighting cases based on the evidence presented to them by their clients, or evidence easily obtainable from sources, our firm, investigation, and uncovering new evidence heretofore unknown by our clients, is an integral part of our case preparation.


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