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Thailand Guardianship


Thailand Courts are authorized to appoint a legal guardians for individuals that are no longer be able to make responsible decisions for their own welfare (the ward). Thai Court may issue such an order if the evidence proves that an the individual is mentally or physically incapacitated and can longer take care of himself or herself. Guardians are also appointed for minors in cases where parents are no longer able to exercise parental authority.

The individual appointed  as guardian by the court may be appointed to enter into all legal decisions for the ward. This includes making medical decisions related to the ward, managing the ward's property, ensuring all bills are paid on behalf of the ward and determining where the ward lives. The guardian can also manage the ward's relation with other individuals and who he or she has contact with, as well as the ward's personal finances.

To file for guardianship, under Thai law an individual typically must be a family member of the person involved. Guardianships in Thailand are ordered by Thailand Family Courts. There are two separate hearings and two separate court petitions involved:  The first hearing require s proving the ward is incapacitated and can not adequately care for him or herself. Once incapacity is established a second petition and hearing is required to prove the qualifications of the guarding and to appoint the guardian.

Our Experience:

Our family attorneys have decades of experience in family law and guardianships. We assist in having guardians appointed in Thai Court, as well as asserting the rights of foreign guardians in Thai Courts.

Chaninat and Leeds attorneys have assisted scores of clients who have quardianship of a family member, or close associate Our attorney have also represented quardians who have been  appointment by foreign courts in the USA and other Western jurisdictions who require enforcement of foreign Court  order of Guardianship by Thai Court due to relocation or our attorneys have also assisted in multiple cases of Guardianshipof children as a preliminary step to a later adoption of the child.