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FAQ - Business Registration

What types of business entities may be registered in Thailand?

Businesses can be registered as sole proprietorships, limited and unlimited partnerships, limited companies, public companies, branch offices, or representative and regional offices.

What is the most common type of business designation for foreign ownership?

A Private Limited Company is the most frequently registered type of business.

Can foreigners hold 100% ownership of a business in Thailand?

The Foreign Business Act 1999, formerly known as The Alien Business Law, restricts business activity of non-Thai "aliens" by classifying businesses into three categories: Businesses in list one are generally closed to foreigners. Businesses in lists two and three generally require an Alien Business License for a foreigner to own and operate them.

Is it ever possible for foreigners to own other types of businesses?

The Board of Investment (BOI) has the authority to grant promotional privileges to foreign businesses so that they may engage in otherwise prohibited commercial ventures. Similarly, foreigners who have been granted permission by the Thai Government or by agreement with the Thai and a foreign government may be exempt from the Alien Business Law. Also it is possible for certain otherwise restricted businesses to obtain an Alien Business License from the Ministry of Commerce. In addition, American Citizens are exempt from many restrictions as a result of theU.S.-Thai Treaty of Amity and Economic Relations of 1966 ("Amity Treaty").

What is the Amity Treaty?

The Amity Treaty applies to American citizens and provides certain exemptions from the Foreign Business Act allowing American individuals special rights in doing business in Thailand. For American companies this means that they may retain a majority shareholding in otherwise restricted businesses registered in Thailand. Businesses registering through the Treaty of Amity do not have to receive approval from the BOI but it may be advisable that they do so in order to attain some of the other benefits available from the BOI. Nonetheless, certain businesses, such as those in List One and the liberal professions, are still prohibited even to American companies. Read more about the Amity Treaty.

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