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FAQ - Fraud

What constitutes a fraud under Thai law?

If a person

  1. conceals information which should be revealed and as a result obtains a property from another party dishonestly; or
  2. deceives another party and causing this party to execute or destroy a document of right,

they are said to have committed a fraudulent act, under Thailand Penal law

Is fraud a civil offense or a criminal offense?

In Thailand, fraud may be either a criminal action or a civil action, or both.

Which types of fraud are punishable under Thailand's Penal Code?

Identity fraud, public concealment fraud, employment fraud, insurance fraud, and property fraud are all punishable offences under Thailand's Penal Code.

What are the criminal penalties concerning criminal fraud?

A person found guilty of committing fraud in Thailand, may be sentenced to imprisonment between three years to seven years depending on the circumstances of the case.

How is a criminal fraud action filed?

In Thailand, complaints may at the Police Department and if approved, are then sent to the Attorney-General who may accept certain criminal fraud cases for prosecution. However, it is also possible to file a private criminal action through a private attorney.

What is the statute of limitations (prescription period) for criminal fraud?

The statute of limitations for criminal fraud depends on the type of fraud, whether civil or criminal, and whether it is filed as a private case or a public case. As with all legal cases, filing claims promptly is very important and victims of fraud should consult with an attorney as soon as possible.