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Thailand Labor and Employment Law Attorneys

Our labor and employment law attorneys have decades of experience prosecuting and defending court cases in the Thailand Labor Court as well as advising on Thai labor and employment law. When a company encounters a labor or employment law dispute, a business owner or company executive needs effective legal representation to avoid or limit the damage. Individual employees may also need an experienced advocate to argue their cases against unfair employment or dismissal.

We have extensive experience drafting employment contracts, government approved office regulations, dismissal issues, as well as claims in labor court and employment law disputes, important for reducing company costs related to claims for unfair dismissal or other violations of Thailand labor and employment law.

Our experience and expertise includes:

  • Wage and hours disputes
  • Violations of Social Security Act 2533, Labor Protection Act 2541, Labor Relation Act 2518, The Workmen ’s Compensation Act 2537, Establishment of and Procedure for Labor Court Act 2522
  • Representation at the Thailand Labour Department
  • Representation in the Thai Labour Court
  • Employment contracts and severance matters
  • Non-competition and confidentiality agreements
  • Wrongful termination
  • Establishing office regulations