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Thailand FDA Registration

In order to import pharmaceuticals, food, food supplements, cosmetics products for animal health, or other medical, narcotic and toxic substances, registration with the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) of Thailand must be applied for. 

Drug Registration Process Thailand

A license from the Thai FDA is necessary to import and/or manufacture drugs in Thailand.  Thailand's FDA categorizes drugs into modern general medicines, traditional medicines and veterinary medicines, all of which have separate registration requirements.  General medicines are further divided into generic medicines, new medicines and new generics.  Each category has a separate set of requirements.   The Thai FDA issues drug licenses for an indefinite period.

Food Registration Process Thailand

In order to import controlled food products into Thailand, products must be registered with the Thai FDA with labels translated into the Thai language.  The food must be analyzed, including details of its processing and ingredients, meeting Thai FDA standards.  A manufacturing license must be procured as well. Necessary import licensed must be renewed every 3 years.