Drug Offenses in Thailand


Possession, consumption, distribution and importation of narcotic and addictive drugs and medicines are controlled by the Thailand Office of Narcotics Board (ONLB), various divisions of the Thai police and by other regulatory agencies such as the Food and Drug Administration and the pharmacy board.

Drugs, medicines and plants can be prohibited without exceptions, such as with marijuana, heroin and cocaine, for example. However, the unauthorized possession, consumption, distribution and importation of prescription medicines may also be prohibited.

Drug offenses involving importation of narcotics into the Kingdom have the severest penalties. "Hard drugs" such as amphetamine, heroin and cocaine also may carry sever penalties. However, there are alternative treatment programs that may be available and drugs considered less harmful, such as marijuana, are dealt with less harshly than hard drugs, such as heroin or amphetamine. Nevertheless, a drug arrest in Thailand for any drug is a serious legal problem.

Our Experience

Chaninat and Leeds' attorneys have assisted defendants charged with methamphetamine offense, amphetamine arrests, marijuana arrests and other drug offenses. Marijuana arrests are very common in certain tourist areas. Undercover informants are often involved in initiating drug arrests.

Persons arrested of drug offenses may be requested to sign statements or admissions. Persons under arrest should contact a qualified attorney before engaging in discussion with police. Thailand's legal system does not have the extensive constitutional rights for drugs arrests that are found in various Western legal systems.


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