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  October 22 , 2007: Chaninat & Leeds has moved to a larger premise. Our new office is located in Suite 10/154 Trendy Office Building, 20th Floor, Sukhumvit Road, Soi 13, Klongtoey Nua, Vadhana Bangkok.
  March 1 , 2007: Anshisa Sukmakanan, a graduate of the Faculty of Law of Ramkhamheang University joined Chaninat & Leeds. Lawyer Anshisa specializes in intellectual property.
  January 24, 2007: Chaninat & Leeds won an appeal and early release for an American client incarcerated in Thailand for a theft case. The client, a teenager suffering from distress at the time the crime was committed, has been reunited with his family in the United States.
  February 17, 2006: Chaninat & Leeds won a judgment of over 50,000 USD plus 7.5% interest and lawyers fees for a U.S. client whose Thailand partner company breached a business contract. The breach of contract involved supplying the U.S. distributor with several cases of substandard tuna.

February 2006: Chaninat & Leeds, in partnership with the Thailand Law Forum, has begun to translate and publish important Thailand Supreme Court Opinions relevant to the international community. Although the translations are not comprehensive, the project will make available large numbers of Thailand Supreme Court Opinions in English for the first time.

  January 2, 2006: Chaninat & Leeds Partner Chaninat Leeds revised and published a second edition of her book, Foundations of Adoption Law with the Child Adoption and Ministerial Regulation No. 9. Chaninat's book offers a description and analysis of Thailand adoption law and procedures and also includes an English language translation of the Child Adoption Act B.E. 2522.

June 6, 2005:
Chaninat & Leeds has moved to a bigger premise due to its recent expansion.The new office is now located at Suite 606, Nai Lert Building.


June 5, 2005: Chaninat & Leeds has succeeded in winning a judgment in Thai court based on a membership from an international travel club located in Phuket for which services on that membership were never provided. The court ruled that Chaninat & Leeds's plaintiff be awarded the full amount originally paid plus 7.5% interest backdated to the day the case was filed.


April 20, 2005: Chaninat & Leeds recently succeeded in winning a judgment in Thai court worth more than 3,000,000 baht. The court ruled on December 28, 2004, that Chaninat & Leeds’s plaintiff be awarded 2,848,000 plus 7.5% interest owed back to the date that the case was filed. The plaintiff was a passenger who was injured when her bus crashed. Chaninat & Leeds succeeded in winning judgment against the bus driver, his employer, and the holder of the bus concession.


January 15, 2005: Chaninat & Leeds Partner Chaninat published a new book on foreigner work permit and labor law. Published by Winyuchon Publication House, Chaninat's book about foreigners working in Thailand and work permit law is available at any large Thai language book store such as Si-Ed and Dokya. The book may also be available from the publisher:


May 1, 2004: Chaninat & Leeds has been appointed by the Canadian Embassy to prepare "Thailand Legal Guide for Foreigners" - a comprehensive guide on Thai laws and typical cases involving foreigners. This official guide will be used by Canadian nationals and will be a model to be used by other embassies in Thailand.